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Welcome to Metaphy Labs: Your One-Stop-Shop for custom mobile & web apps.

We build custom apps for small businesses, MVPs for startups, & internal tools for companies.
Price: $250 - $500 | 1-2 Weeks Delivery

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Why Metaphy Labs?

At Metaphy Labs, we understand that small businesses need custom, affordable solutions that can streamline their operations and increase productivity.

That's why we offer a range of services to help your business grow and succeed.

MVP for Startups

A lean MVP built to achieve validated learning.

Custom App for Small Businesses

An app designed for your business needs.

Internal Tool for Companies

An app to automate your business workflows.

MVP Building Services for Startups

We specialize in creating MVPs for various types of startups, including but not limited to:

A Marketplace Startup.

A Social Media Startup.

An Educational Startup.

A Productivity Startup.

A Home Delivery Startup.

A Hiring Startup.

Custom Apps for SMBs

We specialize in creating custom apps for various types of SMBs, including but not limited to:

Custom Landing Pages

Custom Client Portal

Custom Inventory Management

Custom Discount Portal

Custom Automation App

Custom Service App

Internal Tools for Companies

We specialize in creating Internal Tools for various types of Companies, including but not limited to:

CRM Tool

Inventory Management Tool

Employee Directory

A Referral System Tool

An Employee Onboarding Tool

Management Dashboard

Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you`ll Pay


Flat out price for simple and quick delivey apps.

  • Delivery in 1 week.
  • $25/mo maintenance fees
  • Complimentary Product Strategy
  • Web & Mobile Responsive App
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Flat out price for a complicated app with integration.

  • Delivery in 2 weeks.
  • $35/mo maintenance fees.
  • Complimentary Product Strategy
  • Web & Mobile Responsive App
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Our Process

We deliver products quickly but thoroughly.



Get to know Metaphy-Labs & pitch us your idea to get feedback! If we move further, then we are officially in business.

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Product Phase:

Once we sign the contract, we use our product framework to convert your idea into a product roadmap with a delivery date.

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Development Phase:

Once we finish the product roadmap, we will have our talented CTO develop your prototype.

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Product Handoff:

Once we develop the prototype, we will have iterations over changes and improvements.

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Once we do a successful launch, we will provide essential maintenance and keep in touch for monthly checkups.

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